In response to the national opioid epidemic, Brain Health Restoration launched the Over the Influence addiction treatment program in 2018. 

With a proprietary, non-addictive naltrexone implant at its core, Over the Influence creates an extended period of stability to recover from addiction and address the underlying issues that led to the substance use disorder.

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The use of naltrexone in an implant form represents an innovation in addiction treatment.

  • Non-narcotic implanted pellet blocks cravings for opioids/alcohol for multiple months
  • Approved for use in more than two dozen countries
  • FDA approval for opiate addiction in 1984 and as an indication for alcohol addiction in 1994
  • 20-minute, minimally invasive, outpatient surgical procedure
  • Eliminates challenge of patient compliance inherent with oral and injectable medications that must be taken over and over again

This naltrexone implant is available for the first time in Reno exclusively through Brain Health Restoration’s Over the Influence program.

Over the Influence is available to individuals through our partner providers. Brain Health Restoration works with self-insured employer groups to incorporate Over the Influence and our MeRTSM programs into their behavioral health and wellness programs. 

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