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Employee claims are costing you money. The question is
how much?

 Brain Health Restoration has created the first network of top insurance professionals and medical experts to lower your self-insured premiums and get your employees connected with healthcare that makes the difference – so they can get off claims for good. We’re using brain science to genuinely transform health, and boost your bottom line.

Reduce Claims Cost



Population Management

Healthcare Coverage For The Third Millennium

Brain Health Restoration™ can carve out a discrete set of coverages for employee illnesses and their co-occurring symptoms for self-insured employers. A customized carve-out program using MeRT℠ can diminish employee utilization of healthcare services by drastically reducing relapse rates, preventing negative outcomes, and detecting diseases early. The carve-out enables employers to better manage costs by eliminating the need for extended inpatient stays at high-end rehab facilities and lost time from work.


See How Our Stop-Loss Program Puts Humanity AND Profit Into Your Company

The Brain Health Restoration – CereCare Reinsurance partnership gets your employees off claims by utilizing the latest MeRT℠ therapies for a proven pathway to recovery and stabilization. This mitigated risk helps companies retain claims costs and save.

State-of-THe-ART Brain Tech

Your employees and their dependents will have access to the latest brain tech that science has to offer. Pair that with a fantastic network of physical and mental health doctors.

Extensive Risk Management Components

From RX services to program management, Brain Health Restoration combines decades of health insurance connections and medical tech to lower your risk and invest wisely in the future of business.

Population Management

Let us help you dissect your employee population to identify your risk and opportunities. Self-insurance is a numbers game, but those numbers have names.

Personalized Reinsurance Management

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Who We Serve

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Alcohol and Substance Use Issues

Today employers are facing drastic increases in substance use disorders (SUD) in the workplace and these increases are having a profound impact on their bottom line. The SUD burden is real for any type of business – from productivity decreases, employee turnover, and retraining to dependents’ treatment costs. Brain Health Restoration recognizes the devastating effects of the substance use disorder epidemic and has committed itself to the development of innovative and effective treatment programs.

Work-Related Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are rarely stand-alone causes, but symptoms of other issues in the body including stress and sleep issues. MeRT℠ takes into account the whole brain, scanning it in real-time and treating the cause of your issues – NOT the symptoms – in conjunction with neuroscientists and mental health professionals.


Sleep Disorders

Not getting an adequate amount of sleep can lead to various health risks and vulnerabilities that can affect your mental and physical wellness. Sleep affects much more than many may assume. Our brain technicians employ a uniquely packaged brain health and sleep counseling protocol to repair, restore and retain an optimal circadian rhythm for each patient.

It’s A Win-Win-Win Situation

What Brain Health Restoration offers truly is a game-changer for mental health and prevention. We are just ecstatic that we can offer it as a cost-saving to your business as well. We can customize this program to your employee population, it can literally save your employee’s lives, and it puts money back into your company.
Let us show you how.


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Already Know the Details of Your Plan?

Brain Health Restoration can work with you or your broker directly to integrate MeRT℠ therapy benefits and reinsurance cost-savings into your existing plan.  

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