Complex Regional Pain Syndroome

What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a neuropathic chronic pain syndrome that has 2 subcategories. Type I – referred to as sympathetic dystrophy which happens without any known cause of nerve damage. Type II – referred to as causalgia which has a known nerve damage event.

CRPS is the result of a malfunction in the nervous system that can lead to symptoms of physical pain and changes in skin and hair pattern of the affected area.

CRPS can lead to chronic debilitating pain, loss in mobility, depression and anxiety. Ketamine therapy has evidence to support its function in decreasing excitability of the nervous system through modulation of the glutamate neurotransmitters. In addition to glutamate ketamine can interact with opioid and local anesthetic receptors and further provide pain relief and improve quality of life by getting your symptoms under control.

CRPS can lead to depression and anxiety. In severe cases this can lead to decrease in mental clarity, the ability to concentrate and emotional lability.

The good news is that ketamine infusions have been instrumental in helping with symptom relief and mental health reset. Let our experienced doctors and nurses help you take your life back.