It’s hard to believe that we are entering into the third year of the pandemic. Whether it’s losing loved ones, suffering from increased depression and anxiety due to isolation, or coping with the overwhelming stress of the constant disruption to our everyday lives, we have all been through a lot.  Many who have had the virus complain of “brain fog.” In this month’s newsletter we are excited to tell you about the ways in which MeRT℠ can help to decrease symptoms related to “brain fog.”

What is brain fog? According to a blog (  from Harvard Health Publishing*, “Brain fog is not a medical or scientific term; it is used by individuals to describe how they feel when their thinking is sluggish, fuzzy, and not sharp.” He goes on to explain that brain fog can occur for a number of reasons ranging from severe causes such as lack of oxygen or strokes to more subtle reasons such as fatigue, body aches, inability to exercise, headaches, and difficulty sleeping.

How can Brain Health Restoration’s MeRT℠ treatment help those experiencing brain fog? Our clinic offers Magnetic EEG/EKG guided Resonance Therapy (MeRT℠), a fully customized treatment protocol using the FDA-approved TMS machine with an expected benefit of mental clarity and focus. Our highly customized treatments produce a targeted magnetic current in the brain that reawakens and connects neural pathways that may enhance cognitive function.

As we continue to find ways to best cope with this pandemic and its negative outcomes, there is hope. We are grateful that Brain Health Restoration can help those who are still suffering find a path back to normal life.

If you are experiencing symptoms of “brain fog,” give us a call to set up an appointment and/or a free tour of our facility: 775-507-7024

*Budson, Dr. Andrew E. 2021 “What is COVID19 brain fog -and how can you clear it?” Harvard Health Publishing, March 8, 2021