A Myriad of Uses and Benefits

IV vitamin infusions are highly concentrated doses of vitamins and minerals that go directly into the bloodstream. Infusions can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. IV vitamin infusions are typically used to alleviate dehydration. For individuals that indulge in alcohol a little too much, IV vitamin infusions have provided a reliable reprieve.

We’ve all been there, and our dedicated professionals will always be eager to restore your brain and body. If you’re a fanatic of intense athletic pursuits, IV vitamin infusions can provide you with the essential nutrients you need for your body to recover. Athletes have popularized the use of IV vitamin drips as well. Some athletes even use IV vitamin drips before an intense pursuit to “prime” their bodies for optimal performance. It can also be challenging to absorb the necessary nutrients you need from the foods you eat. Any individual will almost certainly feel an elevated level of wellness after an infusion.

Possible risks

The prevalence of and popularity of IV vitamin infusions is not without risk. We hold true to the notion that any regimen must come after a thorough consultation with a licensed professional. Our facilities provide the environment necessary for a successful IV vitamin infusion. We pride ourselves on keeping the best practices and protocols for cleanliness and safety. General risks include but are not limited to inflammation, vein discomfort, discoloration, elevated blood pressure, and blood clots. If you have a history of kidney failure or heart¬ related issues, your risk of a complication is greatly increased.

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