Some people have reported these benefits after undergoing transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments at Brain Health Restoration.

MeRT benefits, better sleep quality

Better Sleep Quality

Reduced Anxiety, MeRT benefits

Reduced Anxiety and Depression

Issues of Substance Abuse

Reduced Cravings

Improved memory, MeRT benefits

Improved Memory

Better concentration and focus, MeRT benefits

Increased Thought Clarity and Focus

Elevated sports performance

Elevated Sports Performance

Improved mood

Improved Mood

Increased motivation

Increased Motivation

Improved self-confidence and self-esteem

Improved Self-Confidence and

MeRT benefits, decreased cravings

Better Self-Control

Increased attention span

Increased Attention Span

Greater sociability

Greater Sociability

Greater ability to adapt

Greater Ability to Adapt

Improved emotional stability

Improved Emotional Stability

Improved test-taking skills

Improved Test-Taking Skills

Reduced pain, MeRT benefits

Reduced Pain