A Curious History

Tracing the etymology of “nootropic” can give us a greater insight into their intended use. Nootropic comes from the ancient Greek word noos and trope, meaning “mind” and “a turning.” Unfortunately, nootropics had been co-opted by charlatans making audacious claims about weight loss and mental fortitude. Luckily, the FDA and FTC have cracked down and dealt a mighty blow to the sham artists of yesteryear. Corneliu Giurgea, the father of nootropics has carefully reasoned 5 conditions that any drug must meet to be considered a nootropic..

First, it should be an ally in bettering memory and the ability to learn. Second, it should support brain utility after the use of electromagnetic treatment. Third, create a protective barrier to defend against any harmful toxicity to the brain. Fourth, is a recognized improvement in cognition.
And lastly, it must not induce any toxicity and be free of any depressive consequences that can negatively stimulate the brain.

General Uses

Nootropics are often referred to as “intelligent drugs” because of their effects on overall cognition. The brain is a highly demanding organ. Supplements are often associated with muscles or different parts of the body but we never associate supplementation with brain health. Nootropics can be wonderful supplements for the brain.
The best nootropics often have years of clinical research that show their efficacy. Nutrient-dense supplements have been shown to give your brain the “juice” it needs to operate at optimal levels. Vitamin-rich nootropics can be wonderful brain food. Side effects are minimal but agitation can arise. Before you begin a regimen of nootropics, we strongly recommend you consult with one of our dedicated professionals. Brain health is our forte and getting to know your unique needs is what we revel in.

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