Brain Health Restoration current partnerships:

Wave Neuroscience

An affiliate of the USC Center for Neurorestoration, Wave Neuroscience is a progressive brain health company focusing on the intersection of physics and neuroscience. Wave Neuroscience is known for its innovative way of analyzing the brain, and its evidence-based approach to a wide range of neurological issues. Wave Neuroscience is pioneering the use of Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRTSM), a non-invasive neuromodulation approach aimed at restoring neurological health.

BioCorRx, Inc.

Brain Health Restoration licenses use of the BioCorRx® Recovery Program, which includes access to the naltrexone implant formulated by an FDA-approved compounding pharmacy, and to behavioral health programs. BioCorRx® is a leading-edge healthcare solutions company focused on improving the lives of those struggling with alcohol or opioid addictions. Designed specifically to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders, the BioCorRx® Recovery Program is used by a network of independently owned and operated treatment centers located throughout the United States.