Our Programs

Through advances in brain science and the use of patented, advanced technology, we are committed to optimizing your quality of life while helping employers more effectively manage health-related challenges in the workplace. Brain Health Restoration offers two protocols to address these widespread challenges:

MeRT Brain Therapy

Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRTSM) is a non-invasive, individualized therapy that uses EEG/EKG-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation to optimize brain function and restore brain synchrony. MeRTSM can address diverse issues including addiction, treatment resistant depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, mood swings and sleep disorders.

Over the Influence Program

Over the Influence is an innovative addiction treatment program with the naltrexone implant at its core. This implant can diminish or eliminate opioid and alcohol cravings over an extended period of time offering the patient clarity and focus to address the causes and triggers of their substance abuse.

Self-Insured Groups

Employer groups who fund their own healthcare have a unique opportunity to address employee behavioral health problems and improve employee performance, reduce absenteeism and better manage healthcare costs. Brain Health Restoration treatment modalities employ brain science to bolster your bottom line.


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Our Partners

Brain Health Restoration works with companies who are pioneering brain science research. Our partners help us bring safe, science-based, effective treatments that aid in recovery and improve performance.

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