Jeralyn Brossfield, MD, FACOG

Krystal Gutierrez, Neuro Technician

Tera Lea Surratt, Director of Community & Patient Relations


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Jeralyn Brossfield, MD, FACOG, Diplomate American Board of Obesity Medicine

Dr. Brossfield’s interest in medicine began as a child of missionary parents in Sudan. She completed her medical training at Loma Linda University where the motto—“To Make Man Whole”—resonated with her personal mission of providing holistic, comprehensive care.

Moving to the Coachella Valley in 2002, Dr. Brossfield became recognized as a doctor who listens to and partners with her patients to create total wellness. The needs of her patients led Dr. Brossfield to pursue further training in menopause, sexuality, and weight management. To support the achievement of a sustainable lifestyle transformation, Dr. Brossfield created a network of coaches who work with patients on similar weight loss journeys. These coaches have assisted thousands in achieving and sustaining their optimal weight. During this process, Dr. Brossfield realized the need to reach a larger community with tools for wellness and optimal health.

In June of 2013, she became Director of the Eisenhower Medical Center Wellness Institute where she created an award-winning employee health program and designed an executive health program based on a functional medicine, whole-person approach.

Dr. Brossfield launched XO Health in January of 2018, a private functional medicine practice in Rancho Mirage. Combining relationship-based care and on-line education, she builds wellness in her community through accessible, relevant support that stresses mind, body and spiritual health.

Dr. Brossfield’s work with Brain Health Restoration integrates individualized brain optimization with whole-body healing to address the root causes of dysfunction. This combination provides a sustainable health solution that supports individual peak performance.


Krystal Gutierrez, Neuro Technician

Krystal Gutierrez is one of the most integral parts of the Brain Health Restoration protocol experience.  Through the process of administering both the EEGs and the daily MeRTSM (Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy) treatments, Krystal forms in-depth patient relationships.  Her compassion and empathetic perspective provide a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for her patients during their path of healing.

A graduate of the University of La Verne, Krystal developed a love for health sciences, kinesiology and philanthropy during her studies. She also brings a strong background in athletics (specifically track and soccer), community outreach, bilingual skills, and non-profit coordination.