Our Team Of Doctors, Technicians And Office Staff

Our doctors, technicians and office staff work as a team to bring you the latest advancements in brain health.

Dr. Zavala
Damon Zavala, D.O., F.H.M.

Dr. Zavala has over 20 years of experience as a hospitalist, providing inpatient hospital-based care. He has served as Chief of Medicine at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center and Renown Regional Health System.

He is currently an Adjunct Instructor of Internal Medicine at Touro University Nevada for the Physician Assistant Program. He also teaches at the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Dr. Zavala is Internal Medicine trained and Board Certified in Ringside Medicine. He earned his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences, interned at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, and completed a fellowship in Hospital Medicine. Currently, he holds memberships in the American College of Physicians – American Society of Internal Medicine, Society of Hospitalist Medicine, American Osteopathic Association, American Medical Association, Nevada Osteopathic Medical Association and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Troy Ross, MD, MPH

Troy Ross, MD, MPH trained in Preventive Medicine and specializes in the field of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He attended the Military’s medical school, USUHS, in Bethesda, MD. He had a 30-year career in the US Army, serving in positions of combat unit flight surgeon, medical center chief of public health, and preventive medicine/emergency medicine physician deployed in Iraq. He retired from the Army in October of 2016 in order to establish a practice in his northern Nevada home. He is excited to be working with the Brain Health Restoration Center to improve the health of members of the community using our unique brain optimization technology. In addition, Dr. Ross practices occupational medicine and is involved in health improvement through the use of nutritional therapeutics.

Ani Wood, Clinic Operations Manager, MHA

Ani has a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration earned from Colorado State University, Global. She brings many skills to her position at Brain Health Restoration from her extensive background in customer service, community outreach, and patient care. These experiences and her many years at the clinic provide a foundation for her role in coordinating the operational activities of the clinic, including managing and coordinating patient care between all team members. At the clinic, she welcomes patients and their family members, guiding them through the treatment process to deliver a streamlined, seamless, satisfying experience.

Kristin Venters, Neuro-Technician

Kristin Venters is a current student of forensic psychology at Arizona State University. Her professional experience began with working in the Washoe County School District with children with special needs. From there, her interests evolved into psychology and neuroscience. This interest combined with experience working as an EMT helped Kristin develop a particular passion for the mental health of first responders, and is directing her education towards an end goal of being able to help those struggling to overcome trauma.

Marley Walke, Neuro-Technician

Marley graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. With an interest in healthcare, she has aspirations to further her knowledge and obtain a second degree in Nursing. Marley’s goal of becoming a nurse stemmed from her love for being part of a team, being indulged in a challenging environment, and the overwhelming feeling of simply helping others improve their wellbeing. Her passion for mental health grew throughout her career as a college athlete where she experienced the pressures of constantly having to perform at a high level. Marley has hopes to help treat college athletes, as well as others, and bring awareness to the importance of brain health.

Is MeRT Right for You?

We understand that you may have questions about whether MERT is right for you.

Brain therapy is not a decision to be made lightly and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Dr. Damon Zavala is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Medical Director of the Brain Health Restoration MeRT program.

He has been practicing medicine in the Reno, Nevada area since 2000, emphasizing a whole-person approach that empowers his patients to take an active role in their health management.

In addition to overseeing all care at our MeRT brain treatment center, Dr. Zavala is Medical Director for Well Care Group’s Community Triage Center and Well Care outpatient clinic, working with the underserved population in Reno; American Home Companion, Inc., a Reno provider of home health services; Recon Healthcare, providing service to inmates at the Lyon County Jail; Home Base healthcare, providing physician house calls; Medical director for Todd’s Body Shop, Physical Therapy Facility; Medical Director for Oasis Hospice; Medical Director for Ideal Image in Reno. He also serves as a concierge physician and a ringside physician for the Nevada State Athletic Commission.


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