Video Testimonials


  • Issues:
    • Addiction
    • Disparity
    • Peace of Mind
  • Comments made/topics:
    • Did I find hope?
    • How did this help in recovery?

Jeff’s Story


  • Issues:
    • Cumulative Trauma
    • Stress
  • Comments made/topics:
    • Will this help improve mood and sleep?
    • Will this impact my personal health?

Jonathan’s Story


  • Issues:
    • Sleep Quality
    • Energy Level
    • Quality of Life
  • Comments made/topics:
    • Can this impact anxiety medication?
    • How did it improve my sense of quality of life?

Keturah’s Story


  • Issues:
    • Cognitive Decline
    • Clarity and Thoughtfulness
    • Social Embarrassment
    • Ability to Listen
  • Comments made/topics:
    • How did my life change?
    • How did it improve my motivation and initiative?
    • Did my reading abilities change?
    • Heartfelt gratitude?

Madonna’s Story


  • Issues:
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
  • Comments Made/Topics:
    • What’s the clinic like?
    • What does the treatment feel like?
    • Life without coffee?
    • Will my energy level decrease?
    • Improved focus, acuity and alertness + calmness?

Melissa’s Story


  • Issues:
    • Workplace Trauma
    • Anger, Shame, and Brain Fog
  • Comments made/topics:
    • What’s treatment like?
    • How quickly will it change my life?

Rosa’s Story

Patient Testimonial Stories

“Four orange bottles. For the better part of my adult life, my mood, my motivation – my consciousness itself – came from four orange bottles. Now, I don’t need those orange bottles just to feel alive. After a summer of treatment and recovery at the Brain Health Restoration Center in Reno, my mind and body are whole again, and I’ve found a new place for those orange bottles: the bottom of a trash can.”

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“After being injured, I was prescribed pain medication and on Workers’ Compensation for more than 10 years. I found myself addicted to opiates, unable to function, and considering suicide. Not until I was introduced to the possibilities of neuromodulation to physically change my brain condition, did I have renewed hope. Treatment with MeRTSM allowed me to get off my meds and ultimately go back to work.”

Beth, Teacher


“As a risk-taking kid who grew up drinking and drugging, I ended up face-to-face with a judge. Although this was a significant encounter, it was my face-to-face encounter with a doctor who showed me the de-synchronized neurological condition of my brain that created the symptoms leading to my addiction, and then offered me treatment to change it, that made the difference. This treatment saved my life!”



“Who knew that changing my brain condition would not only change the direction of my life, it would ultimately save it. My doctor’s recognition of my depressed and altered brain function and subsequent treatment with MeRT was a pivotal key that unlocked my future as I was facing a terminal diagnosis.”

Carol Ann, DC


“As a provider of behavioral health services, I have long hoped for an additional tool in my kit that could get my patients’ brains on their side, instead of working against them each and every day. Talk therapy is key to new awareness and information and to building the therapeutic relationship, but to have the advantage of a positive change in physical brain functionality is a game changer!”

Larry, MFT / LADAC


“After having intense migraines for 10 plus years that escalated into sleep seizures, I was only getting worse. I had many side effects…memory loss, difficulty processing thoughts and communicating, depression, and extreme anxiety. When I began MeRTSM, I felt relief and positive changes to my brain function within my first few treatments, since finishing treatment, the issues I was struggling with have not returned. There really are no words to describe how the treatment has helped restore my brain, my overall health and my life!”

Kelsey, Designer


“I was a lifelong severe insomniac and suffered from 15 years of anxiety. This led to 10 years on Ambien and five years on Clonopin. I did not want to be on these medications, but the alternative was not an option either. I just had to get some sleep! And then I was introduced to MeRT. After receiving the treatment, my anxiety became nonexistent within one week. A calm I’d never felt before completely replaced the anxiety. I went from lying in bed wide awake until 5am, to falling asleep within 5 to 10 minutes of laying my head on the pillow and sleeping through the night. MeRT has been a lifesaver for me. Anxiety and insomnia are no longer factors in my life. I was able to stop taking all sleep medications and anti-anxiety medications at the onset of treatment and I’ve never looked back. I’m grateful every morning that I wake up and realize that I slept through the night and what a true luxury it is. I cannot begin to give enough credit to the MeRT treatment and to express my gratitude to Brain Health Restoration. Many, many thanks for restoring my brain health!”