What to Expect From Our Program

MeRT℠ Brain Treatment Center

1. Evaluation
  • As a new patient at our brain health, you will receive a quantitative electroencephalogram (EEG) to map your brain’s electrical activity. Using this information, an individualized TMS treatment plan is developed for you.
  • We simultaneously administer an electrocardiogram (EKG) to incorporate the electrical activity of your heart and brain-heart coherence, further explaining your brain’s activity.
  • Our scientific and clinical teams analyze the results to determine your current brain state.
  • You meet with a physician to determine if you are a candidate for MeRT brain therapy.
MeRT℠ Brain Treatment Center
2. Analysis & Protocol
  • Using a patented analytical approach to look at your neurophysiological data, our system develops a customized plan for you that aims to improve neural communication.
mert therapy
3. rTMS Treatments
  • After arriving at our brain health center, you will sit in a comfortable chair as a trained technician positions an electromagnetic coil on your head. The coil produces a magnetic field to induce painless electrical currents in targeted regions of your brain.
  • The technician applies 30 trains of electromagnetic transcranial magnetic stimulation delivered for 5 seconds each with 45 seconds of rest period in between trains, to a specific location on the head. A typical appointment is 45 minutes.
progress evaluation
4. Progress Evaluation
  • After the initial course of your MeRT treatment plan, subsequent EEG/EKGs are conducted to reassess brain patterns and measure progress. After analysis, modifications are made to your treatment plan based upon changes and your evolving neurological state.

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