“Happy Holidays!” is a common expression that we hear frequently this time of year.  Unfortunately,  for many the holidays are anything but happy. In fact, they can be a trigger for depression, anxiety and PTSD. Psychology Today even has a recent blog out on “5 Greetings for When the Holidays Don’t Feel Happy”  According to the article, saying “Happy Holidays” to someone who suffers from depression can make them feel like they’ve failed at being happy, that they don’t fit in with all the “happy people” or remind them what they “should” be feeling instead of being okay with what they are actually feeling.

To add to the holiday stress, the pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for many to feel genuinely happy. Whether you have suffered financially, lost family members or your relationships have suffered, even the happiest person can feel depressed. Imagine what a person who suffers from depression might feel? According to a study conducted at Boston University, “depression among adults tripled during the Covid-19 pandemic- with one in three adults reporting increased symptoms of depression.”[1]

We at Brain Health Restoration are grateful to offer treatment for those who suffer from debilitating anxiety and depression. It’s called MeRT℠. MeRT℠ combines a version of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS, an FDA-cleared therapy) with a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) and Electrocardiogram (EKG) technology. Studies have shown that MeRT℠ can be instrumental for individuals with anxiety depressive disorders and can be combined with other therapies to maximize treatment results.

While we have seen MeRT℠ show positive results in many of our patients, hearing about it in the mainstream news is further proof that this new cutting edge standard-of-care for brain health is truly effective. A recent CBS news story interviews individuals who suffer from severe depression that have benefitted from magnetic stimulation, a treatment similar to MeRT℠.

Depression is a serious disease that can greatly impact quality of life. If you or someone you know suffers from severe depression and/or anxiety, remember that it is okay not to feel happy during the holidays and more importantly, there is hope and help out there. On that note, from all of us at BHR, we wish you peace this holiday season.

[1] Quoted from Lee Cowan. November 7, 2021. CBS News.  “A Promising New Treatment for Depression”