The effects of trauma are often unseen – until now.

MeRT brain technology gives us an inside look at PTSD in real-time. We scan your brain to create a customized therapy protocol for your brain, gently and non-invasively stimulating your brain waves. Patients who undergo MeRT report better sleep and emotional stability. 

Those who serve deserve the best care. 

Brain Health Restoration uses the promising brain health technology – MeRT℠, Magnetic eResonance Therapy – to optimize quality of life and brain function based on the individual needs of your brain.

How It Works

1. Baseline Scan

Record brain and heart activity using EEG and EKG technology to understand how each individual’s brain is functioning.

2. Create Your Plan

The data from the EEG/EKG recording will be used to create an individualized MeRT plan specific to your brain.

3. Support

Meet with our physician to go over your results and discuss healthy behaviors to enhance treatment response. 

4. Magnetic eResonance

MeRT℠ gently stimulates and balances brain function in ten 30-min sessions over a 2-week period.

5. Follow-up & Adjust

Record a follow-up EEG/EKG  to assess how your brain is responding and whether additional MeRT℠ is indicated.

6. Post Discharge

90 days after you complete your MeRT℠ protocol, you will receive an assessment call from Brain Health Restoration. 

A New Standard of Health for Service Members and First Responders

Brain Health Restoration uses FDA approved technology to scan the brains of military veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD. This form of brain scanning allows us to see each brain on an individualized level. Magnetic eeg/ekg-guided Resonance Therapy (MeRT )employs very low frequency, electromagnetic stimulation directed by proprietary algorithms to address brain disease or impairment in real-time. This therapy is non-invasive and requires no drugs. BHR’s program thus far has reported no adverse events, (neurologic deficit or worsening of pre-treatment conditions).

MeRT Treatments are customized for each patient based on the individual’s specific q-eeg reading and are particularly effective in treating PTSD. The improvements resulting from MeRT are sustainable. Co-occurring conditions including substance use disorders are also greatly diminished.

Common Symptoms Associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Concentration Problems

Avoiding People or Places Related To The Event

Casting Blame

Difficulty Feeling Positive Emotion

Exaggerated Startle Response

Risky Behaviors 

Common Symptoms Associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Intrusive Thoughts


Avoidance of certain activities

Negative Thoughts about Self and World

Self Isolation

Irritability That Leads to Anger

Reduced Interest in Hobbies

None of these symptoms alone are diagnostic of post-traumatic stress disorder. However, early detection and intervention with even the mildest symptoms can help to aid in mitigating symptoms and gaining a better quality of life. Give us a call today to see how we can create a custom plan.


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Frontal lobe disruption is

seen in many PTSD cases. 

Typically in PTSD, we see two competing alpha wave frequencies in the brain where there should be one strong alpha signal. This manifests as a disruption of the patient’s normal thought processes, causing many  common PTSD symptoms. 

We identify the veteran’s intrinsic alpha frequency using our qEEG recording. With this clear picture of how the brain is processing brainwaves, we are informed to create the individualized MeRT℠ protocol intended to decrease competing brain activity. As the brainwaves settle into a more normal pattern, many patients report improved sleep, emotional stability, and an overall better sense of wellbeing.

    • 97.8% of PTSD patients experienced at least a 10 point improvement in symptoms (PCL-M) in a double-blind study.*
    • 43.5% improvement in sleep quality using the PSQI scale (Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index).*
    • 61% improvement in symptoms of military participants in four weeks using the PCL-M scale compared to traditional treatment which averages only a 26% recovery over a six month period.*


*These outcomes are from a series of veterans’ trials and treatment protocols conducted using MeRT by BHR’s partner, Wave Neuroscience, Inc. over the period 2015 to present. The specific citations are available on request.

Our Patients

“I was a lifelong severe insomniac and suffered from 15 years of anxiety. This led to 10 years on Ambien and five years on Clonopin. I did not want to be on these medications, but the alternative was not an option either. I just had to get some sleep! And then I was introduced to MeRT. After receiving the treatment, my anxiety became nonexistent within one week. A calm I’d never felt before completely replaced the anxiety. I went from lying in bed wide awake until 5am, to falling asleep within 5 to 10 minutes of laying my head on the pillow and sleeping through the night. MeRT has been a lifesaver for me. Anxiety and insomnia are no longer factors in my life. I was able to stop taking all sleep medications and anti-anxiety medications at the onset of treatment and I’ve never looked back. I’m grateful every morning that I wake up and realize that I slept through the night and what a true luxury it is. I cannot begin to give enough credit to the MeRT treatment and to express my gratitude to Brain Health Restoration. Many, many thanks for restoring my brain health!”


When I began MeRT, I felt relief and positive changes to my brain function within my first few treatments, since finishing treatment, the issues I was struggling with have not returned. There really are no words to describe how the treatment has helped restore my brain, my overall health, and my life!”

Kelsey, Designer

“As a provider of behavioral health services, I have long hoped for an additional tool in my kit that could get my patients’ brains on their side, instead of working against them each and every day. Talk therapy is key to new awareness and information and to building the therapeutic relationship, but to have the advantage of a positive change in physical brain functionality is a game changer!”

Larry, MFT / LADAC

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