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Let’s face it – everyone needs brain healthcare. It’s not easy to get, it’s stigmatized, and yet it affects everything we do, think, and become.

Brain Health Restoration combines the latest in FDA-approved technology with the best & brightest network in physical and psychological medicine to provide a new standard-of-care for brain health.

Decreased Cravings

Substance Use Issues

Ability to Adapt

Alzheimer’s Care

Better Clarity of Thoughts

Traumatic Brain Injury

Reduced Pain

Autism Spectrum

Better Sleep Quality

Sleep Optimization

Increased Motivation

Personality Disorders

Better Concentration and Focus

Clarity & Focus

Increased Motivation

Sports Performance

More Emotional Stability

Brain Fog Recovery

Improved Test Taking Skills

Memory Retention

Improved Memory

Anxiety Disorders

Self Confidence and Self Esteem

PTSD Recovery

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MeRT Brain Therapy

Brain Health Restoration™ uses the proprietary MeRT℠ technology to scan the brain in real-time, pinpointing the causes of your symptoms, and even discovering unforeseen issues. This tech then sends non-invasive magnetic resonance pulses to gently stimulate your brain and aid your body in recovery.

“Who knew that changing my brain condition would not only change the direction of my life, it would ultimately save it. My doctor’s recognition of my depressed and altered brain function and subsequent treatment with MeRT℠ was a pivotal key that unlocked my future as I was facing a terminal diagnosis.”

Carol Ann,
  • Non-pharmacological
  • Non-invasive
  • Extensively personalized treatment
  • FDA-cleared methods and technologies
  • Low or no side effects for most

Good Health Starts With Brain Health

Working with a team of physicians and neuroscientists, we are a brain restoration clinic that has the technology to offer Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRTSM) that will restore neurological health and optimize brain function with EEG and EKG recordings. At our MeRT brain treatment center, we truly understand that the solution to your brain dysfunction is not a one-size-fits-all method. Our non-invasive MeRT brain therapy first maps your brain state with transcranial magnetic stimulation and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess how different areas are functioning then determines a personalized treatment to adjust your neural communication.


Our treatments are supported by our network of neuroscientists and mental health professionals

At Brain Health Restoration, we recognize that brain care is more than EKGs and MRI therapy. It starts in the home and is fed with nutritious food and healthy habits. That is why we combine our technology with doctors and technicians who can coach you through a maintenance plan that is unique to your body and physiology.

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We are most proud of the impact that Brain Health Restoration has made in the lives of our patients. Listen to their stories here and judge for yourself.





Serving Hope

Why We Scan

EEG & EKG technology has been around for years, but the modalities of Magnetic eResonance Therapy took years to get FDA approval. Combine that with an overwhelming demand for mental healthcare and an extreme shortage of mental health resources, and we have nothing short of a brain health crisis in the United States.

That is why we are on a mission to help people not only live longer but to increase the quality of those years as well – saving small businesses money and getting hard-working Americans off-claims in the process.


Balance Your Mind

Attention Deficit & Manic Depressive 

A personality or mood disorder diagnosis doesn’t have to be a life sentence. These disorders are often misunderstood and over-prescribed. See your brain in real-time to understand the root cause of your symptoms, and make a plan.

Substance Use

Substance Use

Alcohol & Opioid Addiction

Rehab is notorious for costing an arm and a leg and having a very low recovery rate. MeRT℠ technology is shown to increase recidivism rates significantly over traditional recovery methods.

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COVID-19 Recovery

Brain Fog & Cognitive Elasticity

While the syptoms of the Covid-19 virus only lasts a week or two, the toll it takes on the brain can be long-lasting and painful.  MeRT℠ technology can alleviate brain fog, sensory blocks, and damage caused by the virus.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Becoming Whole Again

In a split second, your whole life can change forever. Recovery and readjustment to daily functions of the brain can seem daunting and even impossible. Brain Health  Restoration can speed your recovery and restore your sense of self.


Self-care is more than a bubble bath.

Mothers with small children are one of the most over-looked and taken-for-granted populations in the world. The physiological strain of childbirth paired with high cortisol levels from baby cries and worry can take a massive toll on the brain. Learn how to take care of yourself so that you can take care of the precious humans you create.

As Featured In

The Next Stage with Connie Wray – Managing Autism Spectrum Disorder

Camie Feature

The Overview of Covid & Mental Health Effects With Dr. Zavala

We are all experiencing trauma on some level right now. COVID-19 IS a trauma. And for many people who have been through past traumas, the effects of COVID are compounded. A past trauma to the brain – physical or emotional – can affect your personality and the quality of your life.

That is why I have been going through treatments with Dr. Zavala over at Brain Health Restoration. My regular subscribers know the power these treatments have had on my overall health, wellness, and personality. If you are struggling with this pandemic, I hope you’ll take a moment – look them up – and decide whether you or someone you love needs these treatments.

Listen to the full episode here. 


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