Ketamine Infusion Therapy: A rapid reprieve to restore brain health

Modern Treatment for Modern Crises
The National Institute of Mental Health estimated that nearly “14.8 million U.S. adults aged 18 or older had at least one major depressive episode with severe impairment in 2020.” That’s 6 percent of U.S. adults! Rates of suicidality have sharply inclined as the dark clouds of depression spread at unparalleled rates. Many patients cannot afford a “lengthy loading phase” that accompanies the plethora of antidepressants that are currently being prescribed. Luckily, ketamine infusion therapy can provide a rapid reprieve in restoring your brain health. People need help, and they need help now.

How It Works

Although there are different varieties and delivery systems for ketamine, we’ll focus on infusions directly into the bloodstream. A rapid reprieve is achieved when we go directly to the source. Our dedicated professionals will ensure the totality of your questions and concerns are addressed. We’ll make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable during the process. Professionals will be standing by to attend to any need you may have during this process. Ketamine is infused into your bloodstream via intravenous means in a process that can range from 45 to 60 minutes. During this process, new neural pathways open as ketamine binds to the receptors within your brain. Through a process called synaptogenesis, your brain works in conjunction with ketamine to stimulate areas of the brain that are associated with severe depression. A vast majority of patients respond positively to one to three sessions. According to Dr. Robert C. Meisner of Harvard University, “ketamine can rapidly reduce suicidality (life¬ threatening thoughts and acts) and relieve other serious symptoms of depression.” Every medication that has ever been devised has side effects, and ketamine is no different. The side effects of ketamine are much milder and desist must quicker than traditional anti-depressants. Some side effects you may experience are blurred vision, high blood pressure, nausea, and dissociation. Side effects are rare and usually desist shortly after the completion of an infusion.

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