Substance use disorders (SUDs) affected 20.8 million Americans in 2015 – that’s almost 8 percent of the adult and adolescent population. When you include the family members of those affected, nearly one-third of the entire US population is impacted by addiction.1

In other words, your workplace is undoubtedly being affected by this epidemic – right now.

Most employers are unaware of the costs associated with addiction.

  • The costs of addiction exceed $700 billion annually.2
  • Workplaces bear much of these direct and indirect costs.
  • Indirect costs are associated with absenteeism, presenteeism (when employees are there in body but not in mind) and lost productivity.

Most Employees with SUDs continue to work3

Approximately 75% of those suffering from SUD continue to show up for work.

What are SUDs costing your business?

Find out.

Traditional treatment cost breakdown4

Many of businesses’ SUD costs are hidden5

Is your Industry susceptible?

In a word, yes.

The fact is, no industry is exempt from the challenges of addiction. Some are just more likely to see addiction among their employees, including construction, entertainment, mining and those in management.6

Brain Health Restoration offers employer solutions for the SUD epidemic.

Let us help you better manage your risk.

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